Texture Roller Covers ( Black)

Medium texture / Course The Rolana Medium Texture Roller is ideal for a decorative finish with fine to medium granular and textured coatings, leaving a premium decorator quality finish.

Selleys All Paints

Selleys All Purpose Roller Cover All Surfaces has a 9mm nap length that is ideal for all paints and on all surfaces. This premium quality roller cover is made from quality fabric and produces a superb finish with all paints and on all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, doors etc for inside or outside the home.

Roller Trays & Buckets

The RotaCota Heavy Duty Tray is ideal for painting using rollers with use of all paint types.

Roller Tray, Cover & Frame

Quality woven synthetic roller cover for excellent paint pick up and smooth, even paint release, cage frame with extension pole socket that fits all extension poles, and a solvent-resistant tray.

Roller Extension Pole

The RotaCota Professional Pole is made of durable lightweight aluminium, designed to make painting hard to reach places quicker and easier while reducing muscle strain.