No More Gaps Multi-Purpose

Selleys® No More Gaps Squeeze Ezy is a general purpose, high qualify flexible gap filler suitable for filling small gaps offering excellent flexibility and smooth paintable finish.

Roof & Gutter

Translucent-for use on metal to metal application such as steel and zinc alum roof and gutter

Storm Sealant

Storm is a superior sealant that delivers an immediate waterproof seal on any material*, wet or dry, indoors or outdoors. It can also be applied in the rain to stop leaks in an instant.

Marine Flex

MarineFlex high performance adhesive sealant can be used on boats, pools & spas, where you need a waterproof seal or bond, even under water* It can be applied & will cure under water – no need to drain your pool or spa. Compared to traditional polyurethanes it provides a more durable seal & bond with superior UV resistance.

All Clear

A neutral (non-acid) curing, one-part silicone sealant with mould and fungal resistances.

Wet Area

A neutral (non-acid) curing, one-part silicone sealant with mould and fungal resistances.

All Fix Big Jobs

Selleys All Fix Big Jobs is a convenient all-rounder adhesive that sticks just about anything to anything. It provides virtually instant grab on dry porous surfaces eliminating the need for nails and screws on many jobs. It is a heavy-duty adhesive that will bond a wide variety of materials, has low fumes, and conveniently cleans up with water.

Aquadhere PVA Glue

PVA working glue. For furniture and cabinet making, paper, cardboard, cloth, etc. Ready to use

KwikGrip Contact Adhesive

Contact adhesives (solvent based) for use on laminate, plastic, rubber, metal, leather, canvas, cork and cardboard. Selleys Kwik Grip Spray is a solventbased contact adhesive in an aerosol can. It is fast drying and forms an instant bond on contact of two treated surfaces.

Quick Fix – Super Glue

Selleys Quick Fix Shock Proof is ultra-high strength super glue that dries clear. Gives great strength as well as flexibility and heat resistance. Performance above and beyond normal Super Glue.

Liquid Nails Original

Original, Fast, Clear, Mirror-metal-Glass, Fast grab, Heavy Duty, Landscape Selleys® Liquid Nails is a premium grade, solvent based, synthetic rubber multi -purpose construction adhesive that delivers a consistently strong and lasting bond on most building substrates. It has a thick nonrunny consistency. It is BIEGE (Light tan) in colour as applied and dry.

Liquid Nails Fast

Selleys® Liquid Nails Fast is a water-based high strength (*) construction adhesive with fast grab & low odour. It has a thick, non-runny consistency and is ideal for adhering timbers and other porous construction materials. After drying it is beige (light tan) in colour.

Selleys No More Gaps

Selleys No More Gaps

Selleys No More Gaps have a wide range of products which are designed to withstand movement, ensuring they remain crack free for longer. If you have a gap, use No More Gaps to enhance the look of your home, and protect it from the elements.

No More Cracks Exterior

Selleys No More Cracks Exterior Powder Filler is a mix yourself powder filler for exterior cracks and holes in bricks, cement, stone and other masonry surfaces. It is a highly durable vinyl reinforced grey cement-based filler that is waterproof and resistant to temperature and humidity changes. It can be sanded, nailed or screwed. Can also be used on interior wet areas or ceramic floor tile cement.

No More Cracks Interior

No More Cracks Interior is a cellulose reinforced powder filler that reacts with water to form a solid filler ideal for patching interior plasterboard, fibro, masonry, timber and brick. It is in a white powder form until mixed with water

Selleys Plastic Wood

Selleys Plastic Wood is a fast acting solvent based wood filling cement for use in repairing all types of woodwork in interior conditions. It is maple timber coloured.

Putty Special – Natural Colour

Selleys Special Putty is a linseed oil based, knife grade putty available in a natural colour.

Knead-It Multi Purpose

A versatile, hand knead able fast setting epoxy putty that is ideal for repairing, rebuilding, reshaping or restoring almost anything. It can be drilled, filed, machined, and screwed, sawn, sanded, stained and painted. Packaged in a handy roll so you can just cut off what you require and save the rest for another day, it hardens in 5-10 minutes, after mixing. Approved for contact with drinking water.

Knead-It Steel

A versatile hand knead able, fast setting, non-rusting co-extruded epoxy repair system that can be used for repairing ferrous and aluminium metal items. It comes in a handy roll form, with the black hardener encapsulated in the grey resin part. The product hardens in 5-10 minutes, after mixing, to a black metallike material.


Lok-Crete is a stabilized PVA emulsion designed to be compatible with and to improve the properties of cement and cement based products. It also provides a fast, efficient method to give excellent adhesion between cement, brickwork and plaster work without the need for mechanical preparation


Selleys RP7 is a multi-purpose lubricating and penetrating spray which displaces water and inhibits corrosion.

Fibre Glass Repair Kit

Selleys Fiberglass Repair Kit is a complete kit containing polyester resin, a hardener and fiberglass mat, for repairs to fiberglass and a variety of other surfaces.

Auto Fix Instant Gasket

Selleys Autofix Instant Gasket is a tough acetic-cure R.T.V. silicone rubber which replaces conventional cork gaskets.

Auto Fix Marine Sealant

Selleys Autofix Silicone Marine Sealant is a translucent, highly waterproof, neutral curing silicone with good adhesion to marine materials.

Auto Fix Windscreen Sealant

Selleys Autofix Silicone Windscreen Sealant is a neutral cure black silicone R.T.V. rubber for sealing leaking windscreens quickly and effectively.

Upholstry Cleaner

Polyglaze Upholstery Cleaner effortlessly cleans up mess, stains and odours from having food, pets or dirt in your car, plus leaves a fresh fragrance, so you can always feel comfortable being in the car.

Sugar Soap Disinfectant for Floor

Selleys Sugar Soap with disinfectant for floors is a professional strength and superior high performance formula that powers though tough stains, dirt, grease and grime, whilst leaving your surfaces hygienically clean, germ-free and streakfree.

Rapid Mould Killer

Selleys Rapid Mould Killer is a fast acting mould killer. Its powerful formula effectively eradicates mould and mildew leaving treated surfaces hygienically clean. Available in a convenient, easy to use trigger pack. Selleys Rapid Mould Killer will leave tiles and grout sparkling clean with minimal effort.

Super Cloth Regular

Selleys Super Cloth is a highly absorbent multi use cloth, which cleans any surface around the home, both inside & out. It is especially ideal for wet and heavily soiled areas

Talon Rat and Mouse Killer

Talon Rat & Mouse Killer is a ready to use bait for use in & around building. It controls rodent species which are resistant to warfarin and bromadionlone. Wax blocks are perfect for damp or dry areas, are not too messy and can be nailed in place. One feed kills rats & mice.

Protection for a healthy Home

Protection for a healthy Home

From cleaning marks off your walls, to cleaning your BBQ and even getting rid of mould - cleaning around the home has never been easier with the Selleys range of products.

All Purpose Wall & Ceiling Roller

Selleys All Purpose Roller Walls & Ceilings are suitable for painting walls and ceilings inside or outside the home with a 12mm nap. This premium quality roller cover is made from quality fabric and produces a superb finish with all flat, matt and low sheen paints.

Selleys All Paints

Selleys All Purpose Roller Cover All Surfaces has a 9mm nap length that is ideal for all paints and on all surfaces. This premium quality roller cover is made from quality fabric and produces a superb finish with all paints and on all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, doors etc for inside or outside the home.

Rolana 5MM Nap (Gloss)

Selleys All Purpose Roller Cover All Surfaces has a 9mm nap length that is ideal for all paints and on all surfaces. This premium quality roller cover is made from quality fabric and produces a superb finish with all paints and on all surfaces, including walls, ceilings, doors etc for inside or outside the home.

Rolana Flat Roller 12MM (Flat)

Rolana Original Flat roller ensures optimum pick up and release of paint for an even coating and superior finish every time.

Rolana Long Nap 20mm ( Rough)

Rolana Original Rough roller is perfect for painting rough surfaces, interior or exterior

Corrugated Roofing Iron Cover

The Rolana Corrugated Roller is ideal for all roofing paints on corrugated surfaces. It is unique in that it is contoured to the same dimensions as corrugated sheet metals.

Putty Knife / Scraper

Stainless steel blades, tapered and ground ensuring corrosion free life whilst giving flex at the right point to ensure maximum efficiency & minimum effort

Pole Sander

The Aluminium Pole Sander is the perfect tool when large surfaces need to be sanded. It is able to be attached to any extension pole that uses a universal thread and makes sanding large areas light work.

Filling Blades

Flexible filling blade. Ultra flexible for fine surface finishing.

Maxima Wall Brush

The Maxima Wall brush is ideal for use on both interior and exterior surfaces with all paints. It is made of synthetic filaments.

Handi Brushes

Handi Paint Brush is ideal for use on both interior and exterior surfaces with all paints.

LD Caulking Gun

The gun is crafted with steel to help ensure strength and is ideal for dispensing lowviscosity materials. Its swing-release plunger allows for quick loading and dispensing, and it comes with a thumb release to help prevent dripping.

Light Speed Caulking Gun

Selleys Light Speed Caulking Gun is a durable, innovative tool that is easy to use and leaves no mess. Selleys Light Speed Caulking Gun is ideal for professionals using caulking guns on a regular basis for a wide range of applications.

Selleys Sausage Gun

Selleys Sausage Gun (38cm) is specifically designed to discharge product packaged in the commonly used cylindrical sausage packs up to 600mL in volume. Selleys Sausage Gun is ideal for professionals that need to discharge high volumes of adhesives and sealants packed in sausages.

Little Demon Wire Brush

The Little Demon Wire Brush is ideal for brushing away the hard to remove paint during preparation.

Paint Wacker

Large paint mixer uses vortex action to mix paint thoroughly and quickly. Suits 4/10 litre cans.

Clear Drop Cloth

The RotaCota Plastic Protection Sheet provides excellent protection from paint splashes, spills and overspray.


Garnet Sand paper sheet for decorative paint use for dry sanding


Glass Sandpaper roll for decorative use for Dry Sanding.


Waterproof sandpaper sheet for automotive and general use.


For general fast cut use


For general fast cut use.


Non-corrosive pads for cleaning metal.