Little Demon Wire Brush

The Little DemonWire Brush is ideal for brushing away the hard to remove paint during preparation.

LD Caulking Gun

The gun is crafted with steel to help ensure strength and is ideal for dispensing low-viscosity materials. Its swing-release plunger allows for quick loading and dispensing and it comes with a thumb release to help prevent dripping

Paint Wacker

Large paint mixer uses vortex action to mix paint thoroughly and quickly. Suits 4/10 litre cans.

Selleys Sausage Gun

Selleys Sausage Gun (38cm) is specifically designed to discharge product packaged in the commonly used cylindrical sausage packs up to 600mL in volume. Selleys Sausage Gun is ideal for professionals that need to discharge high volumes of adhesives and sealants packed in sausages.

Norton Bear Household Masking Tape

Norton tapes go on easy fast and hold tight. They conform easily to contours and irregular surfaces.

Light Speed Caulking Gun

Selleys Light Speed Caulking Gun is a durable, innovative tool that is easy to use and leaves no mess. Selleys Light Speed Caulking Gun is ideal for professionals using caulking guns on a regular basis for a wide range of applications.

Clear Drop Cloth

The RotaCota Plastic Protection Sheet provides excellent protection from paint splashes, spills and versprays.